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The Man Behind the Mission...

Charlie Van Hecke is fast becoming known as the “Olympic Coach of Sales.” He has made it his personal career mission to understand the psychology and strategy behind the sales process from start to finish.

From entry level positions to C.E.O., Charlie has been on the phone, across the desk, in the trenches, and on the front line, analyzing every angle of this challenging yet fascinating industry.

He has an uncanny ability to recognize great potential in other people. Just like a coach with an Olympic athlete, Charlie knows the tools and training necessary to help you succeed and reach your goals.

He has channeled his expertise and over 10 years of award winning sales experience into effective and affordable sales management training courses, entitled “SalesTrainer4U.”

Charlie’s career journey includes formally serving as Manager of Sales Education with Dictaphone at Pitney Bowes’ World Headquarters.

  • Product launch synergy product suite produced $ 8 MILLION in first year revenue
  • Facilitated both Professional and Advanced Selling Skills Programs

He earned the role C.E.O. of Sales Support Services as well.

  • Seminars conducted across the Southeast took S.S.S. to profitability in 9 months
  • Coaching and Management of Inside Sales Team took sales from $0 TO
    $6 MILLION in 1 year

Charlie’s talents caught the eye of #1 Internet forerunner America Online where he was asked to lead as Director of Sales Education.

  • Face-to-Face Victory Tour spiked a 30 % RISE in measurable appointments
  • Built and facilitated new hire program that resulted in a 100% inventory sell-off

From individuals to groups to organizations, Charlie works well in a variety of settings. He knows how to make the sales and negotiation process personal for each individual. In short, he is the master of sharing with people how to capture sales lightening in a bottle.

From sales negotiation training to sales management training, Charlie's programs teach how to develop Olympic style success habits that will increase revenue and profitability. He has worked for and consulted with companies throughout the Southeast as well as nationwide, including Kemper, Lanier, ImproMed and dozens of small business owners.

He is married to Lisa, his partner and best friend. They have two beautiful children and currently reside in Charlottesville, VA.

Target10toWin! Audio Samples

"I am building a fire, and everyday
I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match."

- Mia Hamm

Charlie Van Hecke provides sales 
negotiation and sales management training courses in Charlottesville, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Northern Virginia, Washington DC and throughout the Southeast region.

to see how SalesTrainer4U can help you go for the gold and increase your sales.


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