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From individuals to groups to the organizational level, Charlie offers practical solutions for very real obstacles to success. Contact us today for a free consultation on how SalesTrainer4U can help you reach and even exceed your sales goals.

Please take a minute to describe the challenge you or your company are facing. Be sure to include if you prefer to be contacted by phone or email.



Keynote Presentation: Finding Inner Q: How Questions Help Us Become More Positive, Optimistic and Passionate!

Charlie Van Hecke believes that questions improve our attitude and performance. This one hour, engaging speech highlights The Attitude Thermostat – a tool that helps people move from negative reactions to positive explanations using inner questions and effort. In this exploration of six dominant attitudes, Charlie addresses how to overcome setbacks and adversity while developing the habits of persistence and resiliency. There are stories, examples and even an optional interactive handout. The Attitude Thermostat is a visual reminder that helps sustain a positive attitude by combining key inner questions with useful tools to help people set, reach and exceed their goals.

Your audience will leave with transformational ideas and skills that will help them succeed at home, work and in life! There is only one question now… when do you want Charlie to come and speak?


536 Pantops Center • Suite 210
Charlottesville, VA 22911


- Dave Pina,
Sales Training Manager


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