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"It's the little details that are vital! Little things make big things happen."

- John Wooden

Olympic athletes know a secret. It’s a secret that any salesperson can apply in their lives to un-tap their true potential and find the champion within themselves.

is a sales learning management system that empowers sales organizations by unlocking this secret through executive sales training courses. The tools provided by SalesTrainer4U give sales representatives the improvements needed to eliminate bad habits and jump the next hurdle like a true Olympic athlete.

SalesTrainer4U is built on the psychological fundamentals of Olympic style competition and the application of best practices. The difference between winning a gold medal versus a silver medal at this level of competition lies in the smallest of details of training and execution.

60 Minutes ran an interview with Michael Phelps and Anderson Cooper after the Beijing Olympics. It is widely known that Phelps won the gold in the 100-meter butterfly final at the Water Cube. What is not widely known because it was impossible to see with the naked eye was that he won by ONE-Hundredth of a second due to one small difference.

On the final stroke, Phelps kept his head down remaining streamline while Serbian competitor, Cavic, lifted his head creating a speed bump effect. The training and conditioning Phelps endured day after day, month after month; year after year mattered to qualify him for the Olympics, but what mattered more at the end was a slight difference in execution.

Charlie Van Hecke, the mind behind SaleTrainer4U, believes that applying Olympic best practices with a special focus on execution is what separates the gold from the silver medallists in sales. He has spent a lifetime studying and observing high performing sales people and engaging in multiple levels of sales force training.

Specifically, Charlie focuses on the qualities, characteristics and habits that culminate into these best practices. He has found the key to turning an average performing sales person into a gold medallist.

SalesTrainer4U sales training courses are presented in easy to learn modules that can be adopted into the selling lifestyle of sales force teams within any company. The sales force training systems, methods, and tools can be used at the individual, group and organizational level.

Learn How to Earn More & Work Less


"Charlie Van Hecke is that rare individual that gets you to think and inspires you to act. He truly understands the psychology behind sales."

- David Washco
Business Development Consultant, NC

SalesTrainer4U's “Train-the-Trainer” approach offers affordable licensing that can move an organization to higher levels of sales performance resulting in increased revenue.

SalesTrainer4U provides executive sales training courses in Charlottesville, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Northern Virginia, Washington DC and throughout the
Southeast region.

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training courses, order sales training materials, or for a FREE consultation on how to increase your sales, please call or


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