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True leaders are those who step up when there’s work to be done. They are driven to “matter” in this world.

Charlie Van Hecke wants what you do, as an individual or as a company, to make a difference. Personal best is the heart of the Olympic spirit and the fire in the belly of any great sales person.

SalesTrainer4U is a complete sales learning management system that seeks to empower individuals, groups or sales organizations with programs based on Best Practices. These success habits are presented in easy to learn modules that can be adopted into the selling lifestyle of teams based on need. Programs include Target10toWin!, Negotiation Skills Training, and Train-the-Trainer.

Like an Olympic coach, Charlie can help you identify your strengths and opportunities for improvement. Learn simple ways to eliminate sales force bad habits and make the slight improvements necessary to take representatives from silver to gold performances.

Based on a free consultation and determined area of need, choose from the following core programs:


This core program focuses on business development from the sales level to the management level providing a framework from which both can advance. Areas of concentration include: networking, generating referrals, handling larger accounts, and conducting effective telesales. Attitude, Organization and Time Management are the keys to success. People seem to have misplaced their keys! Click here to visit the Target10toWin! website.

In this powerful program:

  • Learn the skills to create a constant source of leads!
  • Develop high impact, curiosity building verbiage for phone calls
    and emails that result in increased sales through a method called the “Persuasion Equation.”
  • Examine the power of Olympic style execution and eliminate bad habits with a tool called the “Approach Coach.”

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Art of the Q

Building relationships and identifying solutions are what this core program is all about. Using the SCAN method (Situation, Consequence, Ability and Need), Charlie helps you acquire the skills to develop client needs and ultimately uncover hidden return on investment. Areas of concentration include: active listening, probing, qualifying, observing and understanding.

In this impactful program:

  • Learn to identify and differentiate between needs and wants.
  • Hone solution presentation skills.
  • Successfully align solution with buyer objective.

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Negotiating Sales Agreements

Reaching common ground is the topic of this insightful negotiation skills training program. Learn the skills required to advance the sale, set the pace and seal the deal! Areas of concentration in this Negotiating Sales Agreements training course include: objection handling, conflict resolution, and buyer counter strategies.

In this interesting program:

  • Learn how to counsel buyers with doubts.
  • Identify personality types to discover attitudes of flexibility.
  • Role play to uncover strengths and opportunities.

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This intense core program is ideal for upper management. In the sales industry, sales representative positions experience more transition than supervisory or management positions. To ensure that the quality of training and newly acquired skills are fostered and succeed in an organization long-term, the Train-The-Trainer program provides support for those persons in management who will be training new and existing sales staff. Areas of concentration include: role play, subject matter consulting, skillful observation techniques and motivational and effective coaching styles.

The Train-The-Trainer program comes with Licensing Agreements for:

  • Online Learning
  • Sales Meetings for Managers
  • Sales Management Course for Upper Management
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Business Strategies

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Buy the Book Now!

Sales Training Book

Target10toWin!, by Charlie Van Hecke, focuses on the importance of sales, the psychology behind the sales process, and the actionable steps necessary to enable you to capturing sales lightening in a bottle.

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"Charlie's programs are charged
with electricity."

- Mark Jamieson,
Sales Executive

Additional Services

Inside/Outside Sales Training
Product Launches
Sales Process Analysis
Sales Strategy
New Business/Vertical Market Development
Public Speaking
Facilitation of Conferences and Meetings

SalesTrainer4U programs are provided in Charlottesville, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Northern Virginia, Washington DC and throughout the Southeast region.

for more information on Target10toWin!, Negotiating Skills training, Train-The-Trainer courses, or any of our other sales consulting services.

Let SalesTrainer4U show you how to go for the gold and increase your sales today!


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